3 Common Mistakes Made by Ladies When Wearing Perfume


Sweet-smelling fragrances, like Escentric molecules perfume, are the spice of life.

However, wearing a fragrance is more than just spraying it all over your body. As a lady, there is an art to applying perfume that is based on your body chemistry. But, it’s quite common to see ladies who fail to wear their fragrances the right way. So, what are the common mistakes of wearing perfume and how can you correct them? Keep reading to find out.



Failing To Apply Directly To The Skin

To get the best results from wearing high quality fragrance such as Escentric molecules perfume, you need to apply it directly to your skin. Spraying your fragrance in the air around you or on your clothes is completely ineffective and will prevent the smell from sticking to your body. Perfume molecules need to relax on a suitable surface to unravel divinely. Your skin is the perfect medium for these fragrance oils to attach to.


The warmth of your skin will break down attractive fragrances such as Escentric molecules perfume and allow the scent to fully express itself. For a more powerful effect, apply a layer of perfume over body lotion or when your skin is hydrated.



Applying Perfume to Hair

Avoid spraying your favorite fragrance directly into your hair. The alcohol-based formula of the perfume will cause your hair to dry out. If you wish to add some fragrance to your hair, make sure to opt for a non-alcohol-based product.



Rubbing Your Wrists Together

You probably feel that it’s best to spray some perfume on your wrists and rub them together. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rubbing your wrists will cause heat to build up there and dissipate the fragrance quickly. Before you start to spritz, locate the pulse points in your body and apply the perfume lightly. The warmth in these parts of your body will diffuse the smell to your surroundings.



These are the mistakes to avoid to get the best out of your perfume bottle. You’re set to begin applying your fragrance like a modern, classy woman.