Wednesday, November 29

How to style any party dress


Styling is important, because it can make or break a look. Going too big on the accessories can make a look seem messy, but too little can make your outfit look boring.

Do you need help when it comes to styling party dresses, you have come to the right place.

Going for an elevated look

Are you attending a more formal event, or do you just feel like wearing an elevated look? There are a number of ways you can style your party dress to make it look more sophisticated:

  • Wear heels. The easiest way to make your outfit seem more chic is wearing a pair of heels. Even if you go for a more comfortable heel such as a chunky heel or a kitten heel, it will still help elevate the look.

  • Go for bold jewellery. Showing up in gorgeous jewellery will make your outfit look more sophisticated. However, be sure to not overdo it. You can do this by choosing an area to focus on, so that you are not wearing statement earrings AND a statement necklace.

  • Style your hair in an updo. Going for a classic updo gives a sophisticated vibe to your look that is especially suitable for formal events.

Dressing it down for a more casual look

Not all parties are fancy, but that does not mean that you cannot wear your favourite party dresses. Here are some tips for styling your party dresses to look cool and laid-back:

  • Wear flat shoes. Choosing footwear such as sneakers or boots makes your outfit look informal instantly.

  • Choose understated jewellery to create a casual look.

  • Go for a layered look. Layering is great to put less focus on your dress and more on your whole outfit. You can easily layer your dress over a t-shirt or turtleneck or under a denim jacket for a cute look.