Top 4 Thrilling Things To Do In Copenhagen After Dark


Without any doubt, Copenhagen is one of the busiest and most visited parts of the world. Every year, tourists visit this part of the world to escape the boredom of staying in their city for an extended period. This beautiful city is filled with action attractions, landmarks, and top spots to visit. While Copenhagen’s highlights are marvelous during the day, the town transforms itself at night with an entirely different set of nightlife activities. Let’s look at some of the most exciting things to do in Copenhagen at night.

Visit Tivoli Gardens

Don’t be deceived by the colorful and bright colors in this action attraction. It’s open to everyone – not just kids. Since its establishment in the mid-1800s, this park has gained a world-renowned reputation with its unique rides and vibrant setting. Being the second-oldest operating amusement park globally, its roller coasters have a lot of history. Yes, the park has undergone many renovations, but it still preserves some of its defining elements.

See A Movie At Vester Vov Vov

Your Copenhagen adult night life isn’t complete without getting the chance to see a movie at Vester Vov Vov. The experience at this old restored cinema is breathtaking. Get ready to see some limited-edition releases that you won’t find in regular cinemas. Finally, you’ll be treated to tasty delights at the foyer cafe.

Visit Nyhavn Canals

During the day, the Nyhavn Canals is one of the busiest parts of Copenhagen and is usually packed with crowds of people. At night when the crowds diminish, you can enjoy riding around the picture-perfect scenery in these canals. Some different bars and restaurants line the canals. If you don’t want to ride in a canoe, you can grab a Danish Beer and sit down by the waterside.

Enjoy the atmosphere at the Christiania Beer Garden

The Christiania Beer Garden is located in Copenhagen’s famous hippie hub, Nemoland. Here, the fun doesn’t stop until late at night. You can sit down to have drinks with your tourist groups and enjoy some local music. The local brews are great-tasting alcohol that can compete with drinks from any other part of the world.


Without any doubt, the Copenhagen nightlife is a thrill for any visitor or tourist. It’s even better when you know the right parts of the city to visit. Are you interested in exploring the nightlife in Copenhagen? We’ve provided you with a detailed list of interesting places to visit.